Gallina—Condensation and Multiwall Polycarbonate

How does condensation affect the polycarbonate sheet?  In common with many glazing materials polycarbonate sheets can develop condensation as a result of environmental factors. It does not affect the performance of solid or multiwall polycarbonate sheets and are purely visual and normally temporary.  Care should be taken to minimize the amount of moisture entering the sheet flutes.

Should condensation form within multiwall polycarbonate sheet it will be exaggerated in the cold wet months, and will diminish during the dry summer months.  To aid the dispersal of condensation on warm dry days remove closures or end profiles and unseal the panel edges where possible, allowing air or compressed air to circulate through the flutes.  It may not be practical to employ the methods mentioned in some fabricated systems but if ventilation is allowed the condensation will dissipate.  Vented tape will aid in preventing mold buildup.