Gallina arcoPlus® 626 Modular System

Gallina arcoPlus® 626 is a modular system of UV protected 6-wall polycarbonate panel with a thickness of 20mm and 600mm modular width. These are fixed to the existing structure using specific anchor brackets and joined together by a special click-on system.

Easy and low-cost installation
Light transmission

Vertical glazing
Flat roofing (min. slope 5%)
Curved roofing (min. radius 4m)

Gallina’s full line of polycarbonate products are offered to architects, designers, fabricators, distributors, and contractors. Gallina’s arcoPlus® products are used for walls, roofs, canopies, skylights and any application where light, superior performance and thermal protection are needed. Also available in Reverso 626 with UV protection on both sides. Visit for details.