IPS Weld-On® and Christy’s Merchandising

IPS Weld-On® and Christy’s Mobile Merchandisers put high margin tools and jobsite essentials at your customer’s reach.   Easy to maintain merchandisers are profit centers that make your store the one-stop shop your customers will ever need. Reach your sales and profit goals faster with Mobile Merchandisers from IPS Weld-On® and Christy’s.  A small investment yields... Read More

King StarBoard® ST—New Color Lineup

King Plastic Corporation, a leading manufacturer of polymer sheets, slabs and massive shapes introduces three new color offerings to the quality King StarBoard® ST lineup: Nutmeg, Indigo, and Slate Gray.  The new colors provide more design options, complement many popular colors in the product lines, and inspires consumers to incorporate the hues into both indoor... Read More

ICON—LFS Series Safety Flange Shields

The Safety Flange Shields from ICON Process Controls are designed for Hazardous Liquid Spray and Leak Protection for flanges and valves. The LFS Series Safety Shields made from solid PP provide excellent chemical resistance. Features Spray Protection for Workers and Environment. Polypropylene Solid 2-Piece Completely Corrosion Resistant Lightweight | Perfect for Plastic Piping Systems Readily... Read More

Pulsafeeder—Quality Mixers for Blending and Mixing Operations

Pulsafeeder mixers have a 304 stainless steel shaft with an integral impeller.  Epoxy and vinyl shaft coatings are available for applications where the solution being agitated is not compatible with stainless steel. The Bracket Mount Mixer mounts to the tank cover or flat surface with four bolts and two steel brackets holding the mixer securely... Read More

Americo Ramirez – New Addition to Foust Marketing

Foust  Marketing,  Inc.  is  pleased  to  announce  the  addition  of  Americo Ramirez, Jr. to  our  organization.    He  brings  industry  knowledge  and  sales  experience  to  our  team.  His excellent attitude and customer focus will enhance our mission of adding value to our customers and manufacturers.  Americo graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science... Read More

Lutz—Drum Emptying System with Follower Plate Technology

Due to its infinitely variable operation, the mobile, hydraulic drum emptying system with follower plate from Lutz is especially designed for the gentle emptying of drums filled with high-viscosity, paste-like and viscous substances. Charateristics and Advantages:  Gentle operation by manual infinitely variable control of the follower plate via control valve; securing the drums by holding... Read More

King StarBoard® ST—Outdoor Living Applications

Unleash your creativity with a material as bold and limitless as your imagination with the King StarBoard® family of polymer sheet products. Virtually anything you can make wood can be made with King StarBoard® ST. The polymer sheets are environmentally stabilized, easy to fabricate with standard woodworking tools and features a rich matte gloss finish. ... Read More

Pulsafeeder Skids Now Available in CPVC

Pulsafeeder is excited to announce that the Pre-Engineered Systems for BLACKLINE pumps are now available in CPVC! With superior chemical compatibility and better temperature resistance the CPVC Pre-Engineered Systems is an extension of the current PES line. CPVC PES available with EPDM or Viton elastomers in single or dual pump configuration. Continuing the “worry less,... Read More

NIBCO—Chemtrol Corrosion Resistant Applications

Chemtrol flow-control products are unsurpassed in performance and longevity.  With more than 60 years of experience in industrial thermoplastics, Chemtrol offers dependable products that work in the most demanding corrosive environments.  The line of quality Chemtrol® pipe, fittings, and valves are lightweight, corrosion resistant, and maintenance-free – saving you time and money. Great ideas flow... Read More

Harrison—Corzan® CPVC Qualified Fabricator

Harrison Machine & Plastic is recognized for inclusion in the Corzan® Key Industrial Fabricator Program in that they have completed a qualification process, whereby their welding processes meet established standards, which focus on weld strength (short term tensile strength), following the guidelines of ASTM C 1147. Harrison fabricates round or rectangular Corzan® CPVC duct system... Read More

Lutz—EASYZON Chlorine Dioxide Systems

In water treatment, chlorine dioxide is an effective oxidant and used, among other applications, for combating Legionella and secondary disinfection. Chlorine dioxide is characterized by a high disinfecting effect and is effective even at high pH values that render chlorination ineffective.  The odor threshold is higher than that of chlorine, and chlorine dioxide features a... Read More

IPS Weld-On® Acquires Christy’s

Weld-On® is pleased to announce the acquisition of T. Christy Enterprises, one of North America’s premier manufacturers of solvent cements and adhesives, and supplier of a broad range of accessories. Red Hot Blue Glue, their flagship product, is well-known and respected by contractors throughout the US. This acquisition further solidifies the relationship that Weld-On® has... Read More

King Plastic—Order King ColorCore® Rainbow Skid

King Plastic now offering King ColorCore® Rainbow Skids available for immediate shipment.  Order One Rainbow Skid!  Mix and Match – 18 color combinations, Mix and Match – gauges, Manage your inventory, Save on inventory dollars, Order today, (subject to availability) ship next business day! King ColorCore® is a versatile, environmentally stabilized sheet with multiple layers... Read More

Pulsafeeder—New Features for MicroVision EX Controller

Get simple, reliable and accurate control of conductivity, pH, ORP, PTSA and more including the latest new features of the MicroVision EX controller. Remotely Configure Your Controller with the new Install Wizard that helps configure controllers quick, easy, error proof, and customizable. Improve ROI on chemical controls with Flow Meters integrated with PULSAtron pumps and... Read More

IPS Adhesives—Weld-On® 30 and 31 Structural Adhesives

IPS Adhesives (Formerly SCIGRIP) is introducing two new additions to the Weld-On® family Weld-On® 30 and 31 Methacrylate Structural Adhesives.  Weld-On 30 and 31 are especially suited for sign and display fabrication. The products are available in off white color. Superior bond for a wide variety of substrates including metals, thermoplastic and thermoset composites. Convenient... Read More

Pulsafeeder—Gear Low Flow Meter

Pulsafeeder’s Gear Low Flow Meter is a precision flow meter that provides metering to their PULSAtron models with flow range of 0.25 to 1.85 GPH or 6.0 to 44.4 GPD.  It is comprised of non-metallic wetted components, meter body and gears molded in PVDF.  Gear cover to meter body is sealed with a Viton O-ring,... Read More

King PipeGrade®—High Performance HDPE for Pipe Industry

King PipeGrade® is a high performance HDPE material for the pipe industry.  The material is chemically resistant and UV stabilized, great for outdoor applications. Available in sheets, slabs and massive shapes.  King PipeGrade® PE 100 material is compliant to ASTM 4710 and 3350 as a standard material.  King PipeGrade® PE 100 is completely compatible and... Read More

Lutz—New B1 and B2 Battery Operated Drum Pumps

With the development of the new B1 and B2 Battery Pumps, Lutz launches a new dimension of mobility, battery performance, weight, life, capacity and ergonomics and offers maximum flexibility for the user.  With the combination possibilities of the pump tubes in PP, PVDF and stainless steel in different lengths, a variety of fluids from different... Read More

NIBCO—New Chemtrol® CPVC Butterfly Valve

Chemtrol® continues its 60 year tradition of providing solutions for harsh industrial environments with the introduction of a sturdy line of PVC and CPVC butterfly valves. With this latest introduction, Chemtrol expands its offering to include valve options through 10” for PVC and CPVC Schedule 80 piping systems.  The valves use proven technologies that withstand... Read More

ICON—LP200 Level Pressure Transmitter

The Levelpro LP200 was designed to measure Pressure or Level within industry’s most demanding corrosive process applications.  When measuring Pressure It can be mounted vertically or horizontally, and can easily be installed into a threaded process pipe tee fitting.  For Level measurement applications the LP200 can simply be mounted into the side of the tank... Read More

Lutz—Drum Pump Sets

Lutz drum pump sets save time and money.  The drum pump sets include the required hose, nozzle, hose clips and wall bracket.  Lutz offers a choice of different pump sets with PP, PVDF, and SS options.  The pumps can be combined with a flow meter.  Other accessories include drum adapter, emission proof drum adapter, and... Read More

Pulsafeeder—BLACKLINE PRO Metering Pump

Pulsafeeder is excited to introduce the BLACKLINE PRO chemical metering pump. Whether you’re measuring for water quality control in boilers or adding chemicals needed for industrial and municipal water treatment, the BLACKLINE PRO delivers the mode of operation you need for your project.  When connecting your system to PLC or SCADA system, you can do... Read More

IPS Weld-On—New ECO Series Promotional Buy

IPS Weld-On is now offering a Promotional Buy on the New ECO Series solvent cements. Promotional Buy Buy 7 cases of Weld-On ECO Series get 6% 60 days, Net 61 Buy 10 cases of Weld-on ECO Series get 8% 60 days, Net 61 Buy 15 cases of Weld-On ECO Series get 10% 60 days, Net... Read More

Pulsafeeder—Integrated Tank System

The Pulsafeeder ITS System is a completely integrated tank system constructed of UV resistant polyethylene (PE) with a 15 gallon capacity.  This tank system is translucent with 5 gallon increments and the tank’s low level indicator allows visual monitoring of chemicals without opening the tank.  The tight fitting lid keeps chemical free of contaminants and... Read More

ICON Process Controls—TKR Series Flow Meters

The Truflo TKR Rotator Series includes a complete range of paddle wheel flow sensors, instruments and sensor installation fittings.  All Truflo products provide high quality and state-of-the-art technology. The TKR Rotator Series Flow Meters offers and innovative union-style design for 1” – 4” pipe sizes.  The TKR Series are available in several design options: TKRS/TKRP/TKRM... Read More

Lutz—Eccentric Screw Pump B70V SanitaryPlus

The Lutz B70V SanitaryPlus is a powerful eccentric screw pump for very sensitive, viscous and slow-moving liquids up to the limits of flow.  Driven by single or three-phase motors with and without frequency converter. Features Hygienically designed to the latest FDA and 3-A standards. Easily accessible and inspectable components. Polished metal surface Tri-clamp connection for... Read More

Harrison Machine & Plastic— Custom Machined Parts

Harrison Machine & Plastic specializes in custom plastic machining for your industrial application.  With their CNC machining capabilities, parts and prototypes can be made using threading, drilling, slotting, and tapping. Design Flexibility—Change your design with little or no cost. Plastic machining offers more design flexibility than molding your part or prototype. Quality Custom Machined Parts—For... Read More

ICON—OBS GO4 Series 4 1/2″ Plastic Pressure Gauge

ICON Process Controls offers a complete line of All Plastic Instrumentation Products specializing in Flow, Level, Pressure, and Temperature. The Truflo and Levelpro products are standard in the industry. ICON recently released the NEW OBS GO4 Series Plastic Gauge with a 4 1/2” Gauge with optional Gauge + Pulsation Isolators.  The OBS GO4 Series Gauge... Read More

Pulsafeeder—Variable Area In-Line Flow Meters

The Pulsafeeder Variable Area In-Line Flow Meters are an economical flow meter that will perform in applications requiring simple flow measurement.  The Pulsafeeder Flow Meter has a chemically resistant Polysulfone (PSU) body, SS float and guide rod are capable of withstanding higher temperatures.  Threaded connections and panel mounted fittings are easy to install, economical and... Read More

King Hy-Pact® Used for Food Process and Packaging

King Hy-Pact® is ideal for the Food Processing and Packaging industry.  King Hy-Pact® is the super tough industrial polymer sheet that is environmentally stabilized with excellent physical properties. After 2,000 hours of UV exposure tests, King Hy-Pact® outperforms both UV stabilized HDPE and UHMW with superior toughness in wear resistance, flexibility and high-impact strength. Features UV... Read More

King Plastic—Stadium Condiment Stands

Initial Situation Phase three of the $26M Bank of America Stadium renovation included the 500-level concourse, security upgrades, improved Wi-Fi connections, new signs, digital menu boards, and updated concession stands.  King StarBoard® was specified for the condiment stands located throughout the concession area.  Since the condiment stands are high traffic areas, they require durable, long... Read More

ICON—100 Series Industrial Tank Level Transmitter

The 100 Series Industrial Tank Level Transmitter from ICON Process Controls is designed for continuous level measurement of aggressive liquid media.  The 100 Series Transmitter is an excellent choice for applications that have foam, vapor, or turbulence.  The all plastic design that includes the PTFE shielded cable provides excellent chemical resistance.  Available in PVC, PP,... Read More

Pulsafeeder—Pump Containment Shelf

The Pulsafeeder Pump Containment Shelf protects metering pumps from harsh environmental conditions while offering peace of mind from potential hazardous material leaks.  Almost any leak will be safely contained via a drain line from the PCS back into your Dual-Containment Tank System. Benefits Modular design allows for mounting multiple pump shelves together in one location.... Read More

Lutz—B200 Horizontal Container Pump

The Lutz B200 Container Pump is an alternative when containers are stored above each other.  Lutz B200 is directly connected to the bottom outlet valve.  When access from above the container is not possible the bottom drain can be used.  For this purpose the new horizontal Lutz B200 is directly connected to the bottom outlet... Read More

King Plastic—Liberty University Lockers

The Liberty Natatorium lockers are made using 3/4” gauge, 48” x 96” King StarBoard® ST polymer building sheets in custom Liberty Blue and a standard Charcoal Gray color.  King StarBoard® ST is an advanced polymer that is 25% stiffer than the original King StarBoard®. Initial Situation Liberty University Cabinet Shop was tasked with building lockers... Read More

IPS—Weld-On® Technical Training

Gain a competitive edge with training from Weld-On.  Weld-On’s technical training is applicable to everyone that needs to do plastic piping system installation in any industry.  Training programs are designed and tailored to fit your organization’s needs. Weld-On offers Basic Training, Irrigation Training, and Industrial Training.  The Industrial Training includes the Weld-On Seminar, The Field... Read More

Kathleen Ackerly – New Addition to Foust Marketing

Foust Marketing, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of Kathleen Ackerly back to our organization.  She brings industry knowledge and a proven track record of sales success to our team.  Her excellent attitude and customer focus will enhance our mission of adding value to our customers and manufacturers. Kathleen worked previously with Foust Marketing... Read More

Pulsafeeder—Quality Chemical Injection Valves

Pulsafeeder manufactures quality injection valves (injection quills) designed to ensure that chemical feed systems inject into the center of a process stream for better mixing and prevent corrosion in the process pipe. Injection valves are mounted at the point of injection and connected to the metering pump line.  The injection spring-loaded check valve protects against... Read More

ICON—OBS Series All Plastic Industrial Pressure Gauges

Truflo® Industrial plastic pressure gauges provide accurate, reliable, pressure measurement.  The OBS Series plastic pressure gauges are designed to outperform metallic pressure gauges in corrosive applications.  The OBS Series plastic pressure gauges come with an integrally molded gauge guard (isolator) to protect the gauge from corrosive liquids. The OBS–GO plastic gauge consists of a polypropylene... Read More

State Park Signs with King ColorCore®

Oscar Scherer Park is a Florida State Park with fifteen miles of trails and offers countless activities. Over 130,000 visitors each year enjoy activities such as canoeing, fishing, swimming, picnicking, hiking, bicycling, camping or simply viewing the wildlife. The wayfinding signs are made using 1/2” gauge King ColorCore®, the multi-color engravable polymer sheet. The polymer... Read More

SCIGRIP—4707 Adhesive for ABS Applications

SCIGRIP 4707 Adhesive is recommended in general usage for ABS where a bodied cement is desired.  It is suitable for a wide variety of applications.  It may be used on both large and small assemblies, containers, displays, signs, electrical assemblies, decorator items, etc. SCIGRIP 4707 is a milky, syrupy, bodied, fast drying solvent cement.  The... Read More

ICON—LSS Series Paddle Wheel Flow Meter

The LSS Series Insertion Paddle Wheel Flow Meter has been designed to eliminate the challenges experienced by operators throughout the industry.  By listening and innovating, ICON has provided a solution to the most demanding, corrosive flow measurement applications.  By standardizing on a zirconium ceramic rotor pin, and incorporating zirconium ceramic bearings within the PFA Teflon paddle,  The... Read More

Pulsafeeder—New Capacitor Return Motorized Ball Valve

Pulsafeeder continues to lead the industry with innovative products including chemical metering pumps, controllers, pre-engineered skid systems, and accessories.  Pulsafeeder is pleased to introduce the latest accessory addition.  The Capacitor Return Motorized Ball Valve is a ball valve that uses an electric actuator to open or close its mechanism versus a solenoid valve. This type... Read More

Harrison—Corrosion Resistant Duct

Harrison Machine & Plastic Superduct® piping systems are custom fabricated to specifications. Harrison Superduct® is offered from 2″ to 60″ and available in PVC, CPVC, PP, PVDF, and HDPE materials. Harrison Machine & Plastic is involved in the fabrication and distribution of plastics primarily to the industrial market, where fluid and air handling systems are... Read More

PB-200 Cordless Beveller Stocking Program

All plastic pipe joints must be beveled prior to installation.  Beveling the pipe is an important step in the proper solvent cementing techniques.  This can be accomplished easily on larger diameter plastic pipe with the PB-200 Cordless Portable Power Beveller.  Ideal for industrial, plumbing, and  irrigation applications for beveling plastic pipe. Foust Marketing is pleased... Read More

ICON—ProPulse Series Turbine Flow Meter

The ProPulse turbine water meter from ICON Process Controls provides superior performance and delivers accurate ultra low flow measurement that is highly repeatable under the most demanding of industrial environments.  The ProPulse Series consists of one universal body that can be customized into four selectable flow ranges.  Changing from one flow range to another is... Read More

Pulsafeeder—MicroVision Timer Controller

The MicroVision Timer is a microprocessor-based selectable timer controller.  Designed specifically for timer based control applications, MicroVision Timer comes standard with the features and functions you need for accurate timer based control.  The MicroVision Timer is a full function controller in a compact package that won’t break your budget! Features Intuitive programming. Large graphical display.... Read More

Weld-On—Cold Weather Tips for Solvent Cementing Pipe

Working in freezing temperatures is never easy, but sometimes the job is necessary.  If that unavoidable job includes solvent cementing plastic pipe, you can do it successfully with Weld-On solvent cements.  Weld-On solvent cements have excellent cold weather stability for virtually all practical applications.  By following their standard instructions and using a little extra care... Read More

King CuttingBoard®—With Antimicrobial Technology

King Plastic is excited to announce the New and Improved King CuttingBoard® Family of Products!  Now manufactured with an advanced antimicrobial technology to produce a more effective application compared to our formerly untreated cutting board polymer sheet. The antimicrobial technology inhibits product-damaging microbes from causing stains and odors on the cutting board surface.  Studies have shown... Read More

Foust Marketing Partners with ICON Process Controls

ICON Process Controls announces the addition of Foust Marketing to its sales organization. Foust Marketing will be responsible for sales coverage and market development in the states of TX, LA, OK, AR, KS, and MO.  Jared Reid of ICON Process Controls stated that “Foust Marketing was our company choice in this region due to their... Read More

New PULSAlink App for Cooling Tower Controllers

New PULSAlink app gives water treaters easier access through more streamlined navigation, putting vital information at your fingertips anytime, anywhere. Exclusive PULSAlink communication delivers cloud-based, secure mobile access to your MicroVision EX controller.  Data is stored safely with AES 256-bit military-grade encryption for unsurpassed security.  Get interactive reporting and graphing tools—plus quick access to settings... Read More

Weld-On® 905ECO—Another Industry First from Weld-On

Weld-On® 905ECO™ is the first eco-friendly cement in the industry that has significantly less solvent emissions and reduced odorous fumes than the current solvent cements in the market—resulting in an improved workplace environment for pipe installers. The 905ECO™ is a blue, low VOC, medium bodied, fast setting, high strength PVC solvent cement for all classes... Read More

New and Rental Large Diameter Installation Tools

Foust Marketing carries a complete line of pipe installation tools including small and large diameter pipe pullers, portable pipe bevellers, and pipe cutters.  We stock complete sets of New and Rental pipe and fitting tools.  We also offer installation training and certification to ASME B31.3.  Include these tools on your pipe installation. P-0412 – 4″-12″... Read More

Arkema Kynar® PVDF For Chemical Applications

Arkema has been #1 producer of PVDF since 1963.  Kynar® is the trademark of Arkema and typically produced in powder or pellets for extrusion or molding applications. Engineers, chemists, designers, and manufacturers have many material choices for chemical handling.  One of the most chemically resistant family of materials are the fluoroplastics.  Of this family of... Read More

SCIGRIP 55 and 58 Polycarbonate Adhesives

SCIGRIP® 55 and 58 are formulated for bonding a wide variety of thermoplastics, including polycarbonate, cellulose acetate butyrate, PETG, buffed acrylic, ABS, PVC, polyurethane and foam board to themselves and one another.  SCIGRIP 55 and 58 are recommended for a variety of applications in the sign assembly industry, especially butyrate trim cap and polycarbonate in... Read More

Pulsafeeder—NSF 61 Pumps and Water Meters

If you manufacture, sell or distribute water treatment or distribution products in North America, your products are required to comply with NSF/ANSI 61: Drinking Water System Components – Health Effects by most governmental agencies that regulate drinking water supplies.  Developed by a team of scientists, industry experts and key industry stakeholders, NSF/ANSI 61 sets health... Read More

IPS Weld-On—Hot Weather Tips for Solvent Cementing

There are many occasions when solvent welding plastic pipe in 95°F (35°C) temperature and above cannot be avoided.  However, by using Weld-On solvent cements and by following  our standard instructions with a little extra care as outlined below, successful leak-proof joints can be made in even the most extreme hot weather conditions.  Tips to follow... Read More

King Plastic—Privacy Panels Made with King StarBoard

Initial Situation – The animal shelter needed major kennel improvements to reduce stress and keep dogs calm. Some of the improvements included painting the ceiling and walls, and setting up the cat area so the cats would not hear much barking from the dogs. The shelter found an excellent construction material that meets their specifications... Read More

SCIGRIP 4807 for Bonding High Impact Styrene

SCIGRIP® 4807 is formulated to form high strength bonds in joining general purpose and high impact types of styrene.  SCIGRIP 4807 is suitable for a wide variety of applications.  It may be used on both large and small assemblies, large displays, signs, lighting fixtures, housewares, large and small containers, toys, electrical or electronic assemblies, decorator... Read More

Black Polyethylene Tubing for Outdoor Applications

PULSAtron chemical metering pumps continues to set the standard in the industry.  PULSAtron can handle a variety of gaseous solutions.  The PULSAtron family consists of flow rates from 3 GPD to 600 GPD. Most models include standard bleed valve assembly, foot strainer, injection valve and tubing.  No matter what your application is, choose the PULSAtron... Read More

IPS Weld-On—Thread Sealants and More!

Your single source supplier of Thread Sealants, Compounds, and Lubricants. Many installations and final connections require their own sealants, putty lubricants and other compounds to complete the job.  IPS Weld-On offers these products that exceed industry standards. Sealants All Seal Blue Seal with Teflon® White Seal with Teflon® Gold Seal 505 Key-Tite Waterproof Compound Epoxy... Read More

Pulsafeeder—New PEPkit Pump Enhancement Parts Kit

What’s better than a our standard KOPkit—Keep on Pumping Kit?  A PEPkit of course! The New PEPkit, which stands for Pump Enhancement Parts Kit, includes all of the essential parts needed to keep a pump running like new.  When performing maintenance on a metering pump it is important to consider all of the system components... Read More

Foust Marketing Receives Outstanding Sales Award

The Foust Marketing team was presented with the Outstanding Sales Achievement Award for 2016 at the Pulsafeeder Global Sales Meeting.  To qualify, the Pulsafeeder sales representative had to exceed previous year sales and meet an annual growth goal set at beginning of the year with a key focus on key markets and customers. The Global... Read More

King Plasti-Shield—Borated Neutron Shielding Sheet

King Plasti-Shield® is an effective shielding material with 5% boron by weight and our trademark purple color to meet all applicable applications for healthcare cancer treatment centers, diagnostic and hospital facilities.  Applications include linear accelerators, nuclear or radiation shielding, industrial use, security such as seaports and airport security, nuclear submarines, nuclear power plants, border protection... Read More

Foust Marketing—New Portable Pipe Beveller

Foust Marketing now offering New Improved Cordless Power Beveller for plastic pipe.  All plastic pipe joints must be beveled prior to installation.  Beveling the pipe is an important step in the proper solvent cementing techniques.  This can be accomplished easily with the PB-200 Portable Power Beveller available from Foust Marketing. Key Features Provides enough power... Read More

NIBCO—Chemtrol Piping for Tough Environments

Tough industrial environments require the utmost reliability in flow control processes.  That’s why Chemtrol® is known for its premium line of industrial flow control products.  As the leading authority in flow-control systems for more than 60 years, Chemtrol delivers superior performance and reliability where it really counts.  Chemtrol pipe, valves, and fittings are made from... Read More

Pulsafeeder—PTSA Probe for Cooling Tower Controller

Pulsafeeder continues to lead the industry with quality metering pumps, controllers, and systems.  The New MicroVision EX cooling tower controllers offer measurement options for conductivity, pH, ORP, and PTSA with available 4-20mA input. PTSA is a fluorescent dye used for measurement and monitoring of water systems.  Fluorescents are used by water treatment professionals to measure... Read More

IPS Weld-On—Easy Twist™ Can Opener

The NEW Weld-On Easy Twist is ergonomically designed to easily open the cans of cleaners, primers, and solvent cements in a simple twist without damaging the cap.  When closing the can, Easy Twist helps tighten and seal the cap with an extra torque.  This prevents the solvent cements or primers from drying out and saves... Read More

Syracuse University Lockers with King StarBoard® ST

Syracuse University remodeled the lacrosse men’s locker room.  The old lockers made from metal were replaced with King StarBoard® ST, a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material.  Each of the 58 lockers have a cubbyhole for shoes, a digital lock box with outlets, stick rack, customized hooks for lacrosse gear and a folding chair.  The lockers have... Read More

Pulsafeeder—Digital Glycol Feeders

Glycol is especially necessary for chiller condenser water and cooling towers when the cooling tower is used in the winter time.  The glycol prevents the water from freezing in extremely cold weather.  Pulsafeeder’s Digital Glycol Feeder provides a consistent operating pressure in closed loop systems.  This allows a controlled percentage of glycol solution to be... Read More

Harrison Duct Used for Odor Control Applications

Harrison Machine & Plastic Superduct® piping systems are custom fabricated to specifications. Harrison Superduct® is offered from 2″ to 60″ and available in PVC, CPVC, PP, PVDF, and HDPE materials. Sewage and industrial plants located near residential areas can be subject to many issues if these facilities produce unpleasant odors.  Gaseous inorganic products like ammonia... Read More

IPS Weld-On 724 Chemical Resistance for Wastewater

Industrial wastewater environments are very demanding with respect to the life expectancy of the piping connections. The need to withstand mechanical, thermal and chemical stresses in PVC and CPVC plastic piping systems necessitates greater joint strength than is possible with non-industrial cements. Specially formulated for joining CVPC and PVC industrial piping systems carrying corrosive chemicals,... Read More

Pulsafeeder—Series MP Microprocessor Pump

Pulsafeeder PULSAtron metering pumps are used in a variety of municipal drinking water and wastewater applications to add treatment chemicals for disinfection, pH control, polymers, and more. The PULSAtron Series MP is a true microprocessor controlled instrument for precise and accurate metering control.  The Series MP pump is packed with key standard features: – Automatic... Read More

Chemtrol—Ideal for Wastewater Systems

Industrial wastewater can be laden with chemicals, toxins, and pollutants that must be treated properly before it is discharged to the environment or to a municipal wastewater treatment facility. Now, consider the benefits of using Chemtrol thermoplastic pipe, valves and fittings.  Chemtrol thermoplastics can be applied to the following processes for industrial wastewater treatment: Neutralization—Through... Read More

IPS Weld-On® New Roof Top Blox

Roof Top Blox are the perfect solution for supporting piping and equipment on flat commercial roofs.    Engineered with contractors in mind, the Roof Top Blox system is designed to be quickly installed, expanded, and adjusted from just the top side! Their revolutionary roof top support block system works with height extension rods, pipe support brackets,... Read More

Pulsafeeder Chem-Tech XP Peristaltic Timer Pump

The Chem-Tech Series XP pump with peristaltic technology delivers worry-free dosing in a modern design.  Each and every component of the Series XP  is designed and manufactured for optimum reliability and durability for REAL performance. The XP Timer model pump includes Digital 7 Day – 8 Event Electronic Timer that provides reliable pump control (4... Read More

King StarBoard® AS Anti-Skid Marine-Grade Polymer Sheet

King StarBoard® AS is a sure-grip, marine-grade, decking material designed specifically for high-traffic areas. This unique product features a special high-friction surface polymer in a diamond or dot pattern to prevent slipping and promote drainage.   In addition to traditional marine and commercial swimming pool applications, King StarBoard® AS is ideal for many industrial, water and... Read More

NIBCO Red Kynar® PVDF Piping System

NIBCO (Chemtrol) manufactures red and natural Kynar® PVDF piping components. PVDF is a tough, abrasion resistant fluorocarbon material with maximum service temperature of 280°F. Chemtrol red PVDF was recently installed at an OEM for a sodium hypochlorite system.  The red PVDF was specified because the basic PVDF resin is essentially transparent to ultraviolet (UV) radiation,... Read More

King Plastic Online Resource Center

Access to The Sales Tools You Need, When You Need Them The Online Resource Center was created to provide you with the online sales tools you need, anywhere, anytime.  Click on the photo to the left or visit the following link:  King Plastic Online Tutorial Video Items such as product literature, case studies, flyers, PowerPoint presentations,... Read More

IPS Weld-On 810/811 High-Strength Adhesives

IPS Weld-On 810/811 Adhesives are great for repairs, fabrication, and bonding of pipes and fittings. Strong Bonds Bonds ABS, styrene, acrylic, fiberglass, concrete, clay and other materials to themselves or to dissimilar materials. Withstands pressure and temperature range (-30° to 200°F). Great for repairing cracks and leaky pipes, valves, and fittings. Excellent gap filling properties.... Read More

Pulsafeeder New Conductivity Probe Tee

Pulsafeeder continues to lead the industry with quality chemical metering pumps, controllers, and panel mount systems for water treatment of cooling tower and boiler water.  With the recent release of the NEW MicroVision EX controllers for conductivity, pH, and ORP, Pulsafeeder is pleased to announce the release of the NEW easy access conductivity probe tee.... Read More

King ColorCore® Ideal for Sign Industry

King ColorCore® is a versatile, environmentally stabilized sheet with multiple layers of contrasting colors. Its thin cap layers and bright primary colors make it ideal for sign industry. For maximum versatility, standard colors are made to coordinate with King ColorBoard®.  King ColorCore® is easy to engrave and machine due the consistency in cap thickness.  King... Read More

Foust Marketing Receives Sales Achievement Award

The Foust Marketing team was presented with the Outstanding Sales Achievement Award this February at the Pulsafeeder Global Sales Meeting.  To qualify, the Pulsafeeder sales representative had to exceed previous year sales and meet a minimum annual growth goal set at beginning of the year.  In addition to this award, Foust Marketing was  also presented... Read More

Solvent Cement Welding and Bonder Qualification

IPS Weld-On offers ASME B31.3 bonder qualification for the solvent welding process in accordance with ASTM D2855.  The class covers the following: Basic principles of solvent welding. Proper techniques for solvent welding plastic joints. Importance of correct sized applicators. Set and cure times. Solvent welding tips – hot and cold weather. Causes of failed joints.... Read More

Pulsafeeder—Panel Mount Systems

Pulsafeeder’s wall mountable panel systems are designed to provide complete chemical feed solutions for chemical dosing applications. From economical, single pump and flow assembly packages to multiple pump panels with microprocessor-based controllers with in-line sensors, there is a panel mount solution for your application. Institutional: Cooling Tower Water Treatment, Boiler Water Treatment, Closed Loop Systems.... Read More

King MediGrade—The Antimicrobial Polymer Sheet

King MediGrade™ is a super tough polymer sheet with an exclusive antimicrobial additive from Biosafe®, the latest technology for protecting the product surface against stain and odor causing bacteria, algae and fungi. The antimicrobial agent is bonded at the molecular level and will not leach out of the product. Unlike surface antimicrobials, the Biosafe additive... Read More

Chemtrol PP and PVDF Piping System Extended Warranty

Chemtrol is pleased to announce the NEW extended warranty program for their Engineered Plastics piping systems including PP and PVDF. When Chemtrol pressure-rated pipe, valves and fittings are ordered and used together in an all Chemtrol system, then Chemtrol warrants each pipe, valve and fitting in that system to be free from defects in material... Read More

MicroVision EX Series Cooling Tower Controllers

Pulsafeeder is pleased to announce the first release of the NEW MicroVision EX Cooling Tower Controllers. MicroVision EX is an expansion of the proven performance and simplicity of programming of the standard MicroVision controller. MicroVision EX is a microprocessor-based conductivity controller with added pH and ORP options for accurate monitoring of cooling tower water. Key... Read More

King Hy-Pact®—The Super Tough Industrial Sheet

King Hy-Pact® is the super tough industrial polymer sheet that is environmentally stabilized with excellent physical properties and is a cost effective material. Tests have shown after 2,000 hours of UV exposure, King Hy-Pact outperforms both UV stabilized HDPE and UHMW with superior toughness in wear resistance, flexibility and high-impact strength. Compared to competing materials,... Read More

Products Featured at WEFTEC in Chicago

Foust Marketing recently attended the WEFTEC (Water Environment Federation) show in Chicago.  WEFTEC is the largest annual water and wastewater show in North America.  We were there to support our quality manufacturers and partners: Pulsafeeder, NIBCO (Chemtrol), and IPS Weld-On. Pulsafeeder featured their new BLACKLINE Series MD pump with VFD (Variable Frequency Drive),  and Polymer... Read More

Weld-On Toolbox Innovative New App for Smartphones

Weld-On Adhesives is proud to launch the Weld-On Toolbox mobile application for iPhone and Android smartphones.  This innovative app introduces practical usage calculators, unprecedented in the industry, which allow users to estimate solvent cement set/cure times, as well as the amount of cement and primer needed for plastic piping system installation projects.  As part of... Read More

Pulsafeeder BLACKLINE MD Pump Provides Solution

The new Pulsafeeder BLACKLINE Series MD is a motor driven, spring return mechanical diaphragm metering pump for precise and accurate metering control. The Series MD includes oil lubricated ball bearings, long life reinforced PTFE diaphragm, micrometer style stroke length adjuster and many liquid end material options to suit any application. The new BLACKLINE pumps were... Read More

Harrison Machine & Plastic Quality Fabrication

Established in 1970, Harrison Machine & Plastic Corporation is involved in the fabrication and distribution of plastics primarily to the industrial market, where fluid and air handling systems are used in extremely corrosive environments. Harrison can custom fabricate your large diameter pressure, drainage, and duct fittings from PP, PVC, CPVC, PE, and PVDF. Harrison Machine &... Read More

Pulsafeeder MicroVision Boiler Controller

As the cooling season slows, the maintenance and control of boilers can have a significant impact on water quality. The MicroVision Boiler Controller delivers comprehensive boiler water control with plug-and-play simplicity, at an outstanding value. This latest addition to the MicroVision family of controllers is configured specifically for boiler water control, and utilizes intuitive software... Read More

IPS Weld-On Introduces New SuperDauber Applicator

Weld-On is excited to announce a NEW accessory to their product line.  The SuperDauber™ is a newly engineered dauber with fully adjustable telescopic stem, easy-grip ribbed handle and shed-resistant dauber material. The SuperDauber complements IPS Weld-On’s complete line of accessories including the innovative SuperSwab for larger diameter applications. SuperDauber Features: Fully adjustable, telescopic stem to fit... Read More

King PipeGrade® Industrial HDPE Sheet

King PipeGrade® is a special black polyethylene material for the pipe industry. It is available in sheets, slabs, and massive shapes. King PipeGrade® is PE 4710 – PE 100 material, which is compliant to ASTM 3350 as a standard material. ASTM 3350/4710 PE 100 is completely compatible and 100% interchangeable for use in applications that... Read More

SCIGRIP 45 Adhesive Outperforms Competition

SCIGRIP 45 is a fast curing, two-component, low VOC, reactive structural adhesive formulated for bonding a wide variety of metals, plastics, wood, concrete, brick, fiberglass, and many other substrates.  SCIGRIP 45 outperforms the competition when lap shear strengths were tested with a variety of materials including aluminum, fiberglass and acrylic. Features/Performance Benefits: Primerless bonding for... Read More

Pulsafeeder BLACKLINE Series MD Metering Pump

The BLACKLINE Series MD is a motor driven, spring return mechanical diaphragm metering pump for precise and accurate metering control. With many standard features, the Series MD includes oil lubricated ball bearings in die-cast aluminum housing, long life reinforced PTFE diaphragm, micrometer style stroke length adjuster and many liquid end material options to suit any... Read More

IPS Weld-On Cementing Tips for Hot Weather

IPS Weld-On® continues to lead the industry in quality technical support and training. In anticipation of the upcoming summer season, the following are some useful tips on how to best handle solvent cement, primer and plastic pipe and fittings in hot weather conditions. Good joints can be made with Weld-On® solvent cements in the most... Read More

Tough Resistant IPS 724 Weld-On Cement

Specifically formulated for joining CPVC and PVC industrial piping systems carrying corrosive chemicals, Weld-On 724™ is the most chemical resistant CPVC solvent cement in the industry.  Laboratory analysis showed no joint failure even after 2,500 hours of pressure tests in numerous chemical solutions. Weld-On 724™ is UPC and NSF listed, meets ASTM F493 standard, and... Read More

Chemtrol Offers Advantages Over Non-Plastic Materials

Chemtrol thermoplastic pipe, valves, and fittings offer unique advantages over non-plastic materials. Flexibility—In underground installations, thermoplastic piping may be snaked in trenches to minimize the effects of expansion and contraction. Adaptability—A variety of joining techniques makes thermoplastic flow control systems adaptable to any field application; Thermoplastic piping can be solvent-cemented, threaded, heat-fused, and flanged. Tough... Read More

King StarLite® XL – King Innovation Your Imagination

King StarLite® XL is an economical cellular (closed cell) utility sheet made from select high-grade King StarBoard® recycled HDPE. Designed initially for boat parts as an upholstery substrate where edges are not visible, the innovation of King StarLite® XL has allowed our customers to use their unlimited imagination for many other applications. Applications include: store... Read More

Pulsatron T7 Programmable Timer Pump

The Pulsatron Series T7 programmable timer pump was designed to feed chemical products on a timed schedule for conditions that do not require or have a controller available. Typical applications include the feed of biocides in cooling towers. The feed cycle is initiated and controlled by the programmable timer. The Series T7 provides everything you... Read More

IPS Weld-On Quality Test-Tite® Test Plugs

Test-Tite® is the first in the industry to offer a full line of pneumatic test plugs with pressure relief valves that release excess pressure into the atmosphere, reducing the risk of over inflation. Inflatable pneumatic test plugs are designed to provide temporary sealing in pipe systems for up to 24 hours. Manufactured using high tensile,... Read More

SCIGRIP 1707 Adhesive Ideal for Bonding ABS Substrates

SCIGRIP® 1707 ABS adhesive is specifically formulated for bonding ABS plastic only. The adhesive is a milky, syrupy consistency, medium bodied, fast drying solvent cement. It forms high strength bonds in joining ABS materials. The properties of its bonds are high strength, rigid, and generally free from crazing. Chemical, physical, and electrical properties are similar... Read More

Innovative Applications for King ColorCore® Sheets

King ColorCore is a versatile, environmentally stabilized sheet with multiple layers of contrasting colors. Its thin cap layers and bright primary colors make it ideal for signage, marine, playground and recreational applications. King ColorCore® and ColorBoard® sheets have many new innovative applications including: Engraved tool storage boards (similar to pegboards), cabinets, and mobile tool carts.... Read More

Chemtrol Releases Updated Plastic Piping Handbook

Chemtrol recently celebrated their 60th Anniversary by releasing the latest edition of the popular Chemtrol Plastic Piping Handbook that was first published over 40 years ago. The handbook contains essential information for engineers, contractors and operators of industrial plastic piping systems.   The handbooks contain plastic piping system design information including: pressure ratings, pressure losses, expansion... Read More

Pulsatron Pumps Used in Fertigation Industry

Pulsafeeder pumps have been successfully used in many chemical, wastewater, and water treatment applications. They are also successfully used in the fertigation industry. Fertigation is the process of injecting plant and soil nutrients into irrigation water to feed lightly with each drop of water. “We have used Pulsafeeder pumps for over 15 years after using... Read More

Harrison Superduct® for Corrosive Ventilation

Harrison Machine & Plastic Superduct® piping systems are custom fabricated to specifications. Harrison Superduct® is offered from 2″ to 60″ and available in PVC, CPVC, PP, PVDF, and HDPE materials. A Harrison CPVC Superduct® system was installed at the new chemical research building at Texas A&M University. Harrison was selected over stainless steel and FRP... Read More

Chemtrol Valves Used for Chemical Feed Systems

Chemtrol’s True Union Ball Valves are an excellent choice for water treatment specialist and OEM’s fabricating chemical feed systems for the water treatment industry.  Chemtrol valves are used for reliable process control of the chemical feed systems. Features include:  250 psi rating at 73F—the highest in the industry*; Double o-ring, blow-out proof stem*; NSF 61... Read More

King StarBoard® HDPE Sheet Used in Water Treatment

King Starboard® high-density polyethylene (HDPE) sheet is used extensively in the water treatment industry.  In the water treatment industry, panel mount pre-engineered skid systems are designed to control the process control and chemical feed systems. King StarBoard® sheet is the premier choice in the industry due to it’s ability to withstand tough chemical environments.  The... Read More

King KPC ABS Ideal for Machining Applications

The advantage of King KPC ABS is that this material combines strength and rigidity of the acrylonitrile and styrene polymers with the toughness of the polybutadiene rubber. A variety of modifications have been made to improve impact resistance, toughness and heat resistance. The impact resistance does not fall off rapidly at low temperatures and stability... Read More

Harrison Duct—Exhaust and Fume Systems

Harrison Machine and Plastic duct systems are fabricated to your specifications. Harrison duct and piping is offered from 2″ to 60″.  Complete duct piping systems for air and pollution control are manufactured in PVC, CPVC, PP, HDPE materials, and available in round and rectangular duct for corrosion resistant air handling systems. Fittings are made to... Read More

SCIGRIP® 45 High Strength Structural Adhesive

SCIGRIP 45 is recommended for a variety of applications and industries including sign assembly, and fabrication uses where high bond strength and environmental resistance is required.  This adhesive is especially suitable for bonding aluminum, brass, copper, galvanized steel and other metals. Excellent adhesion is also obtained on plastics such as PVC, polycarbonate, ABS, acrylic, PETG,... Read More

IPS Weld-On®—How to Repair Leaking Joints

IPS Weld-On continues to lead the industry with quality products, training, and education for PVC, CPVC, and ABS primers, solvent cements, and thread sealants. When proper installation techniques are not completely followed we recommend cutting the leaking fitting out and replacing the joint. When that is not possible we suggest the following steps to repair... Read More

Chemtrol CPVC Approved for Marine Applications

Chemtrol®, a brand of NIBCO, is pleased to announce that Chemtrol CPVC Schedule 80 fittings are approved by the US Coast Guard and the American Bureau of Shipping for use in marine applications.  The material of construction is rigid CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) used in the manufacture of Schedule 80 piping components with Lubrizol Corzan®... Read More

Pulsafeeder Chem-Tech XPV Peristaltic Metering Pump

The Pulsafeeder Chem-Tech Series XPV pump combines the best in variable speed peristaltic pump technology with state of the art control electronics, providing unparalleled performance, control, and value. The Series XPV represents the leading edge of microprocessor performance management that allows a variety of choices of input signal types, and onboard timer programs to customize... Read More